Elder Care Information

Elder Care Information

Why Everyone Over 50 Should be Training for the Senior Games

by Phil Campbell, M.S.

How To Find Affordable Senior Housing

A few years ago Miranda M. became a widow.

Review of the Changing Protein Requirements for Seniors

Youth, it is said, is wasted on the young. Too busy figuring life they hardly take the time to enjoy it.

Exercise Walking For Seniors: Preventing Foot Problems

Exercise has a very important role in the general health and the quality of life of everyone, but especially in seniors. Seniors who walk tend to look younger, sleep more soundly and have fewer visits to the doctor.

Arizona Assisted Living Homes -- The Alternative to High Priced Senior Care

The cost of skilled nursing care is slowly rising. Currently, the average cost of care in Arizona ranges from $3,500 to $4,500 per month.

10 Tips to Keep a Family Caregiver from Losing Their Mind

Caring full time for a loved one can be a challenging task, and it takes a special person to get the job done right. Patience and compassion are the two top qualities a caregiver must possess in order to be successful.

When Assistance with Long Term Care Becomes Necessary

According to the Administration on Aging, it is estimated by 2030, the older population will more than double to approximately 71.5 million.

Caregiving Across The Miles-Tips for Successful Long Distance Caregiving

Caring for a parent or a loved one is a difficult job. Your duties as a caregiver become increasingly difficult as the miles increase between you and your loved one.

Scaling Down (Almost) Painlessly

Moving to a smaller house or apartment in a retirement community almost always involves a certain degree of trauma, both for the elder who's moving and for family members. However, by planning ahead you can reduce the discomfort involved and turn what might well become a nightmare into a pleasant event.

If Using The Stairs Has Become A Daily Struggle, A Stair lift Could Change Your Life

Using stairs is an everyday nightmare for many people. As we grow older the stairs in our home can become more of a struggle due to mobility problems associated with old age, an accident or illness.

Assisted Living: Tips on How to Choose a Facility

It is easy to be fooled by fancy drapery or expensive furniture that may decorate a care facility. Even though a facility looks high class doesn't always mean the care provided is first class.

Stair Lift Buying Guide

There is no doubt that having a stair lift in your home can dramatically improve your quality of life. If you are starting to find that climbing the stairs is becoming a hazardous experience, or just hard work, then a stair lift could be the answer.

Stair Lifts - Straight and Curved Rails

There are two types of stairlift. Straight and curved.

5 Myths You Should Know Before Choosing Elder Care

Myths associated with selecting quality nursing home care suggest quick and easy ways to identify quality care. In fact, relying on these myths can lead to disastrous results.

Solitary Confinement -- for Life

Sixty-five year old Arthur Jones served a self-imposed life sentence - in his own home.Arthur lived in a high crime neighborhood, so he built iron cages around his outside doors and installed bars on all the windows.

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Elder Care Services Market Estimated to Expand at a Robust CAGR over 2016 - 2026 : Persistence Market Research
Medgadget (blog)
Elder care service, also known as elderly care service, is the fulfillment of the special needs and requirements that are unique for older people. Major services assisted to older people include home care services, institutional care, adult day care ...

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Florida Trend

Northeast Florida nursing homes rally against state elder care changes
Florida Trend
With two weeks left in the legislative session, some Jacksonville elder care providers are rallying supporters against a Senate-proposed change to how nursing homes are funded. Ryan Benk/WJCT | 4/25/2017. A little more than a hundred nursing home ...

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Catholic Eldercare to expand with independent living apartments for seniors in northeast Minneapolis
Minneapolis Star Tribune
As nonprofit senior services provider Catholic Eldercare continues its growth in northeast Minneapolis with the announcement of a new independent living senior apartment building, it's using the occasion to pause and honor its well-known co-founder ...


Ombudsman praises report on state's elder care complaint database
The state's long-term care ombudsman praised a new online database created by The Oregonian/OregonLive that lists all substantiated complaints against senior care centers in Oregon. The news organization's searchable database includes nearly 8,000 ...

Palm Beach Post

VIDEO: Eldercare director charged with theft from patient
Palm Beach Post
The director of a Martin County senior assisted living facility was taken into custody Monday after she was accused of stealing hundreds of dollars in cash from a ...

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Northeast Florida Nursing Homes Rally Against State Elder Care ...
With two weeks left in the legislative session, some Jacksonville elder care providers are rallying supporters against a Senate-proposed change to how nursing ...

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11 elder care complaints Oregon hid from consumers | OregonLive ...
A taxpayer-funded website for consumers leaves out nearly 8,000 substantiated complaints against senior care centers in Oregon. The complaints include cases ...

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Santa Fe New Mexican

Former elder care advocate says agency sought to remove her
Santa Fe New Mexican
The U.S. Older Americans Act outlaws “willful interference” in the duties of long-term care ombudsmen, members of a nationwide network of federally funded advocates for residents of nursing homes and assisted-living facilities. Employees in the ...


Elder Care launches 'SOS' program
Elder Care Services has launched Support Our Seniors (SOS), a collaborative, community based initiative that aims to raise funds for and educate local seniors about utility assistance and home weatherization. Often times, seniors live alone and cannot ...

The Sentinel

Elder Care: 'It always seems too early, until it's too late'
The Sentinel
Doctors and nurses should do everything possible to save the life of a patient in all circumstances. Sometimes there are circumstances in which a person should be allowed to die. This question was posed as part of a Pew Research Center study in 2013.

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